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Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Vape Juice

It is quite difficult for a new vaper to choose a suitable vape juice for them as they will require it to meet their preferences and needs.It could take some time before finding the PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavors that suit your needs best.Until you find a juice that matches your preference, do not settle for anything less.It is important that you buy your vape juices from well-known manufacturers.As they may be a bit costly than the rest, do not let this factor push you to buy cheap liquids as they could cause you more harm than you think.For a better vaping experience, ensure that you buy high-quality e-juices.

Flavor is an important factor to be put into consideration when choosing a vape juice.Despite having all the other aspects right, not having the right flavor could ruin the pleasure of vaping.As different vapers prefer varying flavors of their juices, manufacturers have created these juices in different kinds of flavors.The flavors available imitate the tastes of different cigarettes, fruits, food and even cocktails.Many beginners start vaping with a flavor that matches their preferred cigarette brand.Since manufacturers are aware that many of the people that result to vaping are normally trying to quit cigarette smoking, they have created e-juices that have a similar flavor to most of the common brands of cigarette available in the market.

E-liquids have a base solution of either Vegetable Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, or the combination of both of these.PG facilitates the emission of less vapor and more flavor during vaping.When vaping, the production of huge quantities of vapor means that the e-juice has a high percentage of VG.As different users have different preferences, there are those e-liquids that have a base that is all PG; others are all VG, while others have a combination of both.The mixed options of vape juices are endless, thus allowing you to try different combinations in every purchase that you make.

Identify the strength of nicotine that you prefer in your e-juice.For the light smokers, a good selection for them is the e juices that contain 6mg or less of nicotine.Those whose vaping habits are average can take in nicotine that ranges from 9mg to 16 mg as this is the average quantity.As there are those whose nicotine needs are higher, they can purchase vape juices whose nicotine levels vary between 18 and 38 mg.To ensure that your vaping habits are manageable, it is essential for you to identify the nicotine strength that suits your needs best.A tip for the beginners is to begin with a medium strength, then make adjustments as they try out different types.

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